Kell’s Legend (Book 1 of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles) by Andy Remic

“They came from the North, and the city fell. It is a time for warriors, a time for heroes. Kell’s axe howls out for blood."

The first thing I need to say about this novel is that it is NOT a rip off of David Gemmell’s Druss novels. It is an inspired homage to both author and character alike (in my opinion anyway).

Truly brilliant.

The second thing is that it should come with a government health warning to fasten your seat belt as the pace is ferocious and leaves you breathless.

The story starts off in Jaldur where Kell is living after spending many years as a warrior; our hero is now an old man who just wants to live the rest of his days in peace. He is visited by his grand daughter Nienna who is studying at the University but finds this dull and craves adventure.

Needless to say the peaceful life Kell craves is soon shattered as the city is invaded first by a creeping white mist and then an army of Albino soldiers. They are the soldiers of the Vachine. The Vachine are a race of human/clockwork hybrids set on conquering all before them for food. Hence they are the clockwork vampires of the title (think of the Borg and the clockwork killers from Doctor Who).

And so their adventure begins . . .

That’s as much of the story I’m going to divulge, but rest assured it sets off at a dramatic pace from here.The action is unrelenting and gruesome, Kell is forced to fight again and he is uncompromising with friend or foe alike. This is truly a case of being like an all action movie but with a plot to drive both the action and the story arc.

There are many characters on both sides that play their part throughout the story and we see them from both sides of the story arc. They are richly drawn and jump off the page as you gallop along trying to keep up. I can not think of any character that was not memorable or used lightly.

Personally I did not want this to end as it is such a fantastic read.

Roll on book 2, grab this now and hang on for dear life as you ride the Kell rollercoaster!

I will be voting for this as it is truly the first Gemmell like read I’ve come across for pure grit and action.

Reviewed by Aaron Advani

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