Who would be better to walk the mountains with?


Druss the death walker






Jaim Grymaunch



It's a hard one, I might say Jaim so when we had finished walking we could visit Parsha Willets.

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I dont no why anyone hasnt posted but i think its a no brainer- Druss

Great question, difficult thing to chose between to be honest.  You could have fun with both, although I think that you're less lightly to get smacked around by Jaim, he has a sense of humour.  LOL

Druss without a doubt, the stories he could tell, you would be entranced the whole time.

Mariah ann hirena nielsen said:

I dont no why anyone hasnt posted but i think its a no brainer- Druss

I think its horses for courses, Jaim is a hero to an oppressed people, where Druss is a hero to nations, No doubt Druss could tell a good story but so could Jaim and Jaim could also rustle up a cattle stealing poem.

druss id the man but mayby a little strait for walking the mountians ,i think jaim would be more up my street .....


in the sense that druss sees everything in black and white, wrong or right, but with jaim its more shades of gray......


wow now theres a tough question.....i honestly dont think i can answer that
Im glad that some have struggled, because I love Druss but I wish we could of had some more stories about Jaim.

Hard question, but i think Druss at my back in a tight spot is the way to go? Maybe because it hurts Druss worse when he loses people- he"d bend Heaven AND hell to avoid it. He s also got the respect of his enemies, no greater honor. Plus i need to see Snaga in action once before the mud.


good points joe ......druss would bend heaven and hell ........but i like to think jaim would lie cheat steal and genraly fight dirty.......druss is very houner bound imo.....
great points jim and joe......but how much fun would it be a to accompany the scoundrel jaim? think of the stories for the grandkids if you live long enough to tell the tale=)......which is why it might be safer with druss=)

lets face it with druss or jaim thers not a lot that cud harm you ....................

given the choice id take option 3 and pick both of them..........the only answer......

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